Teachers are often some of the world’s most reliable role models for young children. Understanding that the responsibilities of a teacher rely so much on providing experiences for students to grow, the relationship between a teacher and the parents of their students is incredibly important. With the type of insight that teachers can gain from communication with parents, teachers can further improve the learning environment they provide. Despite these advantages, teachers often face challenges in effectively communicating with their students’ parents, creating room for improvement in establishing productive teacher-parent relationships.

Understanding that the communication between parents and teachers can be incredibly influential, it’s imperative that teachers listen to what parents have to say. By actively listening, allowing parents to lead the conversation, teachers can gain insight from what parents understand about their children, in addition to any students’ home environment, behaviors, and academic strengths. This information can then aid teachers in understanding and providing to their students’ needs, ultimately contributing to improved classroom management.

Just as important as being able to listen, teachers should be confident enough to mindfully speak with parents regarding concerns they may have for their children. Only when a teacher feels comfortable enough with a parent can true progress be made for students who might be struggling. Building successful relationships with parents requires setting clear goals, using jargon-free language and maintaining a professional demeanor. With a plan set, teachers can approach meetings in a goal-oriented way.

Through actively engaging with parents, teachers gain a better understanding of the experience that their students need to learn. With this knowledge, teachers can better formulate their teaching styles and find strategies that work for their students. To learn more about the ways in which parent-teacher relationships contribute to classrooms, check out the resource coupled alongside this post.

First-Time Teacher’s Guide For Talking To Parents this infographic was contributed by Silke Lessner, an organization providing on-demand videos centered around online courses for teachers