PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification training helps you when you –

Want to improve both your products and production.

Want to learn more about your products and what they need.

Want to apply the learning from the training course to your business.

Knowlathon’s PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification training course lets you do all this and more!

How do you make sure your projects contribute to your business’s growth? How do you make sure your production is profitable? You must first understand the product. Only then can you know what production needs and how to profitably obtain it. Attending a PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification training will help you make all your projects smashing hits.

How PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner trainings help

Suppose it’s your company. You have a new product in mind. A project has to create to produce it for the market. You speak to the people within your company. You realize that to start production, you need a few materials. These will be obtained from external suppliers. However, there is a niggling problem. Past projects have not been truly profitable. It has been difficult to contain production costs successfully. You need someone to help you control costs. You think of appointing a project manager. It is important to stay profitable in business. Your production should follow the same vein. PRINCE2 methodologies will help you deal with this sticky question.

In the past, your projects have not been cost effective. Project costs have been difficult to keep control over. Different raw materials have been ordered. But making sure the right amounts have been used for the right purpose has not been looked into. As a result of this, project costs have been mounting. You want this project to be different.  A PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certified individual has been appointed. They first conduct a complete study of your product. They help you determine what the product will be made of and which materials will be needed for it. They help you co-ordinate with the several suppliers involved. A project is dependent on central reporting. This helps your business in staying invested into the initiative. PRINCE2 certified people are capable of helping your business stay on track with projects.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner in Chennai certified person makes this project way different than in the past. They co-ordinate with the suppliers when needed. They set relevant KPIs and define the critical success factor for this project. They make sure that every unit of ordered material is used in the right way so as to contribute towards the product’s profitability. They also report on KPIs achieved periodically. This helps you to see where the project is heading. More importantly, they make sure that the project will turn out to be useful to the business. A PRINCE2 certified person is great at coordinating between diverse groups of people. They are interested in the product and are great at collating all the information about it. They are tremendously committed to making a positive difference. A project is one step towards growing your business. A PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certified person takes you there.

The nitty gritties of the training course

 PRINCE2 is a general outline for projects based on costs, quality, risks, and benefits. Attending a PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification training course helps you get a hang of the concepts better. Knowlathon’s trainings are in Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi.

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