Students under the CBSE board find it difficult to understand the important concepts in a subject like Mathematics. As this subject mainly includes numericals, students need to memorize the formulas and tricks to solve complex problems. So choosing the perfect study material to satisfy this need is very important. Among the various reference guides present in the market, students are advised to solve the examples and numerous exercise questions present in the NCERT Textbook.

This book is basically designed as per the CBSE syllabus and exam pattern to help students perform well in the board exam. The highly knowledgeable experts create the solutions with the main aim of improving problem solving abilities among students. In the Class 10 Mathematics, Linear Equations in Two Variables is one of the important chapters which the students need to pay attention to. This chapter is continued in higher classes also, so having a strong foundation of basic concepts is very much important.

Following are some of the tips to help you score well in the CBSE Board Exam.

  1. Understand the syllabus

Before starting with the exam preparation, students need to first understand the syllabus designed for the academic year. This will help them to analyse the concepts of higher importance and study the chapters accordingly. So to complete the syllabus in an organized manner, solving the exercise questions from NCERT textbook is necessary.

  1. Know the exam pattern

Students should go through the syllabus carefully and understand the questions which are of higher importance. By referring to the previous year question papers, students will get an idea about the frequently asked questions and marks weightage. This will help students to understand the time to be spent on each chapter separately.

  1. Prepare a time table

As the board exam is an important step in a students life, proper time should be given for each subject. For this purpose, students are recommended to design a time table which covers all the important topics from each chapter. This will help in improving time management skills and interest in learning new concepts in each subject.

  1. Practice regularly

Mathematics is a subject that needs lots of practice. Each and every theorem and important problems should be solved on a daily basis to obtain a grip on the concepts. All the textbook questions must be covered before the exam as most of the questions can be expected from it. Solving each and every problem will enhance logical thinking abilities of students which will help them to perform well in the board exam.

  1. Solve sample papers and previous year question papers

After completing the textbook questions, students should collect the sample papers and previous year question papers. Solving them will help students to improve their problem solving skills which is important from the exam point of view. Students will be able to understand the questions which are frequently asked in the exam papers and work on them for a better score.

These are some of the tips which can help students perform well in the board exams. For a better idea of the concepts, students can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Maths Chapter which are presented in the PDF format. It can be downloaded and accessed anywhere and at any time without any time constraints.