When educators demonstrate sincere admiration for the material they teach, students notice. In return, instruction becomes more enjoyable, insightful and engaging. Teachers like Mike Cromwell, whose passion for reading and writing literature goes beyond the classroom, inspire their students to continue an interest in the very same material long after their coursework ends. Cromwell’s love of all things pertinent to the written word keeps his students focused on instruction and motivated to perform their best.

Who is Mike Cromwell?

Mike Cromwell is an instructor at University of Phoenix specializing in American and multicultural literature. His multidisciplinary career began after graduating from the University of Virginia and joining the military. Surprisingly, his first experience with teaching occurred on his military base in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, where he tutored civilians. Here, Cromwell developed a growing enthusiasm for watching students improve their performance with every passing day.

Once he left the military, he relocated to Oakland, California, to work as a high school substitute teacher. Cromwell later earned a master’s degree in English at California State University, East Bay.

While Cromwell credits his military tutoring experience for creating his love of teaching, he credits his mother for his admiration of books. Cromwell’s mother read to him every day when he was a child, making books feel like fun rather than a daunting academic obligation.

Outside of his responsibilities as an educator, Cromwell maintains reading and writing literature as a profitable hobby. Cromwell published his first novel, “The Good Samaritan”, in 2013. He recently began to develop a three-book children’s adventure series. The series’s first book, “Charlie’s Escape from Home”, is a story of suspense. The series stems from an idea he developed when watching his cat, Charlie. It was a random day like any other, which speaks to how truly often Cromwell has literature and storytelling on his radar.

Cromwell clearly draws inspiration from books, but he is also motivated by sports. He and his wife frequently watch sports together and especially enjoy attending Baltimore Orioles games. Cromwell also enjoys an eclectic taste of music and enjoys listening to Danny Gokey, Casting Crowns and Francesca Battistelli.

Fusing Curiosity with Passion at University of Phoenix

Cromwell admits to always having stories on his mind and looks forward to writing fiction in his free time. Before deciding to become a teacher, he spent time working as a journalist. Cromwell accredits the violent times he witnessed while living in Washington, D.C., with his inspiration to write a crime novel. Demonstrating practical experience with literature beyond University of Phoenix reminds his students of the opportunity to expand their reading and writing skills into creative, professional opportunities.

Cromwell anticipates that the future of online education could see a rivalry with traditional in-person instruction. Having always had a curiosity for the world of online learning, he  particularly enjoys his University of Phoenix experience because of its focus on written communication. Throughout Cromwell’s seven years with the University, he has experienced significant benefit from watching his students grow. Like his time tutoring in the military, he greatly enjoys working with students that commit to overcoming obstacles. Says Cromwell, “When my advice, motivation and compassion help to motivate a student, which in turn makes a difference in his or her life, I feel a sense of accomplishment.”

Cromwell has found a perfect career fit at University of Phoenix. By contributing to the growing domain of online education, he feeds his academic curiosity into the subject matter that he most enjoys. His students are fortunate to learn from an instructor with a distinct career path that incorporates diverse experiences with a common theme of literature, inspiration and grit.

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