Starting Coding At Age Five: Why It Works, With WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj

At WhiteHat Jr, highly qualified instructors provide coding classes to kids as young as age five. According to CEO Karan Bajaj, starting kids with coding at an early age doesn’t just teach them what they need to know about computer programming. It also sets them up for a lifetime of reliance in taking their ideas and transforming them into a real, tangible product. After a coding class, kids are set up for confidence in academics, social situations, and other well-rounded life areas.

Creativity Peaks Early

According to Bajaj, recent research studies show that a child’s ability to form creative associations peaks around age five or six. To promote a lifelong love of learning, kids need to engage in activities that are both challenging and allow them to flex their creative muscles.

In coding classes, Karan says that students get to take ideas they see in their minds and transform them into real-life, physical results.

This isn’t just satisfying for the child when it comes to doing well in class. It also helps kids build their confidence in their creative ideas. According to CEO Karan Bajaj, when children as young as five or six see that the ideas in their mind can become a reality, they may be more likely to apply this attitude to later pursuits in life.

Coding Builds Confidence, According to WhiteHat Jr CEO Karan Bajaj

While helping kids learn about coding and getting into computer science is an excellent part of the process at WhiteHat Jr, Karan Bajaj emphasizes that when kids take classes with WhiteHat Jr’s instructors, they take far more away from their experience than coding knowledge.

Learning to code builds confidence in kids and develops a lifelong love of learning. Kids at WhiteHat Jr are encouraged from the very start of their programs.

At the beginning of a coding class, teachers work closely with students, guiding their learning experience every step of the way. As kids grow more confident in both the class format and in their coding skills, the instructors gradually begin the process of releasing some of the cognitive responsibility onto the kids. This gradual increase can help kids grow their confidence not just when it comes to coding but in future academic pursuits as well.To learn more about WhiteHat Jr you can visit their website or contact