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24 Sep 2023

Category: Education


Top courses to opt for after BCom 

Some of the most sought-after experts in today’s workplace are those with a dynamic approach to problem-solving and an in-depth knowledge of their subject matter. Taking specialized short-term courses can help you stand out from the crowd, whereas a BCom degree won’t assist. Nowadays, a…


Is PRINCE2 worth doing in 2021? 

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification training helps you when you – Want to improve both your products and production. Want to learn more about your products and what they need. Want to apply the learning from the training course to your business. Knowlathon’s PRINCE2 Foundation…


Why you should take online courses 

Things change, and a few years ago, you needed to attend physical classes daily. But nowadays, you’ve got an option of choosing between joining a physical class and an online class. The advantages of online courses are innumerable flexibility, affordability, and academic qualifications. If you’re…