Learning vocabulary is not the most exciting thing students can do in school. Still, by using interesting and fun methods to teach language, educators can enhance kids’ interest and help them memorize and retain it. Children in their lives can learn a lot from adults, and there are many ways to help your child learn new words. Here are some fun and straightforward vocabulary building activities you can do every day to teach your child a new word. By teaching vocabulary in context and repetition, they need to know the words used and use them multiple times. Another way to learn words is to read aloud and read aloud. An aspiring reader can use word skills to understand what they are reading.

Research shows that children learn a large number of words by talking to adults around them. One of the goals of predictable books like ‘The Jungle’ is to teach children that if they learn a word they don’t know, they can use context to find it out. On the other hand, adolescents need a vocabulary to help them understand books they read, the music they listen to, shows they watch and words that help them express their feelings. In the meanwhile, kids learning becomes exciting when you engage them in interactive games and activities. Here are a few activities that help children learn new words.

Exciting Ways to Teach New Words to Kids

Give your child a child-friendly version of the same word by looking it up in a dictionary. If your child comes across a word in a book and asks you to pronounce it, encourage them to repeat it to you and repeat it. To help your child understand what is different about using the word, ask them to explain what the word means. Encourage your child to draw pictures of food he likes and help him write the name of the food on a whiteboard or build words with plastic letters. Place two objects in front of your child, one for each target word, and ask them to do so. Once the kids have learned to recognize the alphabet, introduce them to four letter words available at Osmo. Below are a few interesting activities to engage your child in learning new words.

Meaningful Conversations: It is suggested that you initiate meaningful conversations with the kids and help them learn new words. It is important to engage them in word building games and activities.

Read Along: This is one of the best ways to teach new words to the little ones. You can engage them in reading newspapers and magazines every day. You can also choose comic books and magazines to engage them in reading. Later, you can ask them to write down the new words they learned in the reading session.

Pretend Plays: You can improve your child’s vocabulary by introducing some game specific words. If you are playing jungle themed games, use words like trees, elephants, rocks, birds, leopards and so on. Also, you can imitate the animals’ sounds and help kids remember the words for a long time.

Vocabulary Games: These games are the most engaging and interactive word building activities. You can keep the little ones busy by engaging them in activities like solving crossword puzzles, word search games, word hunts, scavenger hunts, scrabble and many more games. These games help children learn quickly and retain information.

Word Songs and Rhymes: You can create your songs or rhymes to engage the little ones. In addition to this, you can also add a tune and motivate the kids to sing the word songs and learn new words.

These are a few ways to teach new words to your children. Make sure to visit Osmo’s website for more game based learning experiences.